Where are Dale & Robert?

Usually, you will find Dale & me (Robert) at Gavin On The Beach, taking care of our little piece of paradise right here on Hollywood Beach in Florida. In early mornings you will find us at the park so that LucyOla (our beautiful American Bulldog) can run around and burn off some of her energy while chasing squirrels and iguanas. She gets one more park adventure later in the day and when she’s ready a walk on Hollywood Beach before she turns in for the night.

The rest of the day you will usually find Dale in the backyard playing in the dirt, keeping our pool crystal clear, or at the YMCA on the treadmill or stretching.

And often you can find us traveling somewhere in the world. Although the COVID virus is still part of our lives, most travel restrictions have been or are being lifted. And after more than a year of quarantine, people are traveling. So many are traveling that the industry is having a difficult time keeping up.

Soon Dale and I will be flying up to Iceland for a day of rest and a day at the Blue Lagoon hot springs, before boarding the Norwegian Star for our cruise around Iceland, over to Ireland, and finally the United Kingdom. After returning we have a short trip up to Chicago, an overnight trip to New Orleans, and in December, a short five-day cruise from Port Canaveral in Florida on the new Norwegian Prima.

Of course, Dale and I travel safe and are doing our best to stay COVID virus free. That means we continue to wear our mask and social distance when necessary, and avoid large crowds. Yes, you actually can travel and stay safe at the same time.

Please stay safe and well, and maybe, just maybe, we’ll run into you somewhere in the world. It is a beautiful world, so please don’t miss any opportunity to see it.

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